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At Auburn Attorney Raymond Jackson Law, you’ll find the experience needed to give you a favorable outcome in the courtroom and the dedication required to protect your rights and freedoms. Trust our team of attorneys to help you with any criminal legal matter including DUI law.

Personal Injury & Worker’s Compensation

We take car and truck accident, wrongful death, and drug or pharmaceutical injury and death cases from Alabama and Georgia.  We also help clients with on-the-job injuries and also Social Security Disability cases.  Let us help you after an accident or injury.

Social Security & Disability Law

We focus on protecting your rights and assets with years of experience in social security and disability cases. Don’t let yourself get pushed around; let Auburn Attorney Raymond Jackson Law take your case and get you what’s yours.

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The law office of Auburn Attorney Raymond Jackson Law is proud to faithfully serve the residents of the greater Auburn & Opelika areas as well as the surrounding areas and the residents therein. We take special interest in the matters of personal injury, social security, and disability law and related cases. Serving the Auburn & Opelika areas also means we represent students of Auburn University, Southern Union Community College, and Tuskegee University. Our personal injury and social security attorney uses two decades of industry experience to effectively represent you in court. We’ll look over every aspect of your disability, personal injury or social security claim to determine the best legal approach that will secure a favorable ruling.

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Our clients’ interests always come first. Don’t let yourself be pushed around by wrongful businesses or underhanded lawyers; the attorney at Auburn Attorney Raymond Jackson Law is here to provide you with honest, integrous service and make sure that you have the best footing to secure a favorable outcome in court.

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